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Talk to Someone

One thing about acceptance is that you will now be carrying that burden with you at all times. This can lead to suffering in silence and stress. But, you don’t have to let this happen. Instead, find someone to share your problem with. If you are not comfortable or willing to share your pain, getting the help that you need might be a challenge. Therefore, talk about the addiction with your partner, family member, or a close friend.

It’s normal to feel ashamed of sharing such information with someone else. Therefore, find someone that you trust and feel comfortable speaking to about your problems. If you are a religious person, a church pastor can be a good confidant and teacher to assist you in overcoming the problem. Avoid telling everyone you meet that you are addicted to porn because not everybody can help you.

Consult a Qualified Therapist

Sharing the problem with others may give you ideas on the best way to get help. Nevertheless, find a professional with experience in addressing addiction issues. A qualified psychologist can provide counseling and cognitive behavior therapy. This will equip you with the skills that you need to control the habit and eventually break away from it.

Accepting that you have pornography addiction is the beginning of the journey to recovery. Don’t assume that porn addiction is a simple problem. The earlier you accept and start addressing it the easier it will be to deal with and overcome.

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